Daughters & Howard, LLC. The start of something new.

/ Daughters & Howard, LLC. The start of something new.


What is Daughters & Howard, LLC? I’m not exactly sure yet, to be honest.

Right now, it means I’m actively seeking freelance employment, while carving out time to pursue other passion projects I can bring to life with the help of my talented friends. I’d like to see where destiny leads things.

Meanwhile, I’ve been describing it like this:

Daughters & Howard, LLC is a creative undertaking of wild ambition, foolish optimism, and intentionally vague definition. And it’s all mine. Muahahaha!

Sometimes it’s just a win ad in the local paper.

/ Sometimes it’s just a win ad in the local paper.

SOx ad.jpg copy

I’m not a baseball fan. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like it or enjoy a game at Fenway, I just don’t follow it. Never have.

I am a huge fan of my home, though – my community. Every year, a baseball team wins the World Series, but it’s not always the story this year’s was.

I wrote this win ad in the Boston Globe on behalf of our friends and partners at New Balance. It’s nothing fancy. Won’t win any awards for it. Still, it feels good to know where the words came from.

New Balance / This is Runnovation: November Project

/ New Balance / This is Runnovation: November Project

I’m particularly proud of this project. It documents a local fitness movement that’s caught fire right here in our own back yard. November Project was started by a pair of former Northeastern University rowers, Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric, who simply wanted to motivate one another to get outside and keep moving during the bleak New England winters. In less than a year, it grew from a single-digit handful of participants into 300 to 500 per workout. Three days a week. 6:30 AM. Rain or shine, Hell or high water.

Along the way, they’ve been featured in Runner’s World, Outside Magazine, on NPR, and scores of other media outlets.

Boston, for those who’ve never lived here, is an exceedingly insular place. It keeps you at an arm’s length. “Good fences make good neighbors,” goes the New England proverb. But November Project begins and ends with hugs. Sweaty hugs, no less. It’s about fitness, but it’s about community, warmth, and friendship, more than anything else. Birthdays are celebrated with crowd surfing. Workouts are concluded with group photos. Fierce competition and mutual encouragement are doled out in equal portions. You will laugh. You will dry heave. You will get stronger.

I love our partners at New Balance for getting behind this project and these people.

New Balance / Ours vs. Theirs

/ New Balance / Ours vs. Theirs

When it comes to providing US manufacturing jobs, New Balance is the undisputed champion of the athletic footwear industry. Of course in this case, if they had some competition, everyone would win.

A handful of actual American Associates help us make a point.

New Balance / Excellent Is Made In America

/ New Balance / Excellent Is Made In America

Click to enlarge.

When you’ve been making running shoes in America for the past 75 years – indeed, when you have been, and continue to be the only major athletic footwear brand to do so – where do you stand when President Obama, in his State of the Union address calls upon this congress to “…guarantee that the next revolution in manufacturing is Made in America”?

Where do you stand when players like Intel, Apple, and Motorola earn plaudits as they proclaim their triumphant return to American manufacturing?

Where do you stand when, by all indications, the biggest global player in your category seems poised to announce their own foray into the onshoring trend?

For New Balance, the answer is simple: You stand right behind it. Every bit of it. Every job created, every dollar injected, every quality product made with pride right here at home. Because it’s fine to be the only one doing a thing. But when it’s the right thing, you can only hope others will follow suit. And when they do, you welcome them home with open arms.

In the Summer of 2013, just in time for the Fourth of July, New Balance ran this ad in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to make that position clear.

Climate Reality Project / Reality Drop

/ Climate Reality Project / Reality Drop

reality_webpage in laptopVisit realitydrop.org

When former Vice President Al Gore asks you to help him save the world, you say, “yes.” So that’s exactly what we did when he, and his advisor Alex Bogusky came to us with this opportunity to work on the Climate Reality Project.

Problem: In 2007, after Mr. Gore won accolades for An Inconvenient Truth, public attention to and understanding of climate change was at an all-time high. The overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrated clearly that global climate change is happening, and manmade carbon pollution is to blame.

Unfortunately, that truth was particularly inconvenient for the fossil fuel industry, and in the subsequent years Big Oil and Big Coal spent big money buying access to media, and fueling a campaign of doubt, denial and confusion in an effort to gain control of the climate conversation. And it was working. Public understanding of the issue was dropping, while the reality of global climate change continued to grow into the full-blown crisis it’s now become.

We needed a tool to help ordinary people cut through a very complicated and easily manipulated scientific issue to get the most current, relevant, and clear facts about climate change. We needed a tool to empower people to confidently and knowledgeably regain control of the conversation, so we can all get back to fixing the problem.

Our solution was Reality Drop.

We first introduced The Reality Drop concept at PSFK’s “Gaming for Good” conference. After submitting a brief asking more than a million creative professionals to incorporate game theory to address the issue of climate change, Reality Drop was one of two Arnold entries judged among the top ten.

On February 28th, Mr. Gore officially introduced Reality Drop during the prestigious 2013 TED conference in Long Beach, California. In no time, the news was picked up by Pete Cashmore and Mashable, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Digiday, and more.

Just 3 business days into the launch at the time of this writing, it’s difficult to tell if we’ve actually succeeded in saving the world. But among the many things our small team learned while building this tool, we can say this for certain: Trying something means everything.

New Balance / Minimus 1010

/ New Balance / Minimus 1010

Creative Team:
Sara Goldsmith
Caroline Foss

Giro / Tour de France 2004

/ Giro / Tour de France 2004

Giro makes the very best, most baddest-ass cycling helmets in the world. In 2004, they wanted to run a TV spot during the Tour de France on an extremely tight budget. They’d never run TV before, but apparently one of their sponsored athletes was contending for a fairly significant podium stand in Paris. Tonight (July 9, 2012) Giro posted it on their Facebook page along with a very kind, nostalgic nod. Very proud to be a part of this brand’s history (and proud to be a Giro Atmos wearer, too).

Hubway / Boston Bike Share Identity

/ Hubway / Boston Bike Share Identity





In 2009, I read an article in the Boston Globe about the city’s plan to implement a bike share program modeled after the Velib in Paris. At the time, Boston was working hard to shake its reputation as one of the least bike-friendly cities in the country, and as a bike commuter and enthusiast, I was rooting for the program to take off.

As fate would have it, we got the chance to help out when Alta Bicycle Share, the vendor for the program, came to us in 2011 with a naming and identity assignment.

Now in its second summer, the Hubway has already experienced record-setting ridership, and is expanding into Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline, making it one of the most extensive bike share systems in existence.

Personally, all I did was come up with the name they chose. But as I see more people tooling around Boston on Hubway bikes, it never fails to make me smile.

Anthony Shea
Wade Devers

New Balance / “Connect”

/ New Balance / “Connect”

More New Balance work featuring the Minimus 3090

Creative Team:
Sara Goldsmith
Caroline Foss