Mantra: Always Be Creating.

/ Mantra: Always Be Creating.

This website is in blog format. I chose the format very intentionally. In this format, my newest work is posted at the top, and with very few exceptions, I post all of the work I’m involved in creating.

Am I always proudest of my latest work? Not necessarily. But keeping a running record of what I’ve been doing most recently motivates me to keep making more, and hopefully to keep making things of high quality.

I understand this isn’t a conventional approach to presenting work. I don’t curate portfolio-worthy pieces, and perhaps that’s unwise.

Still, I genuinely believe I’m only as good as the last thing I made, and I’m willing to stake my reputation on it. Dig deep into my work timeline and you’ll find a Cannes Grand Prix Winner. You’ll find an Andy or two. You’ll find several Gold Pencils, and Pencils of other flavors as well. But that was yesterday. What matters most to me is what I’m creating today.

I believe it was Janet Jackson who once asked “What have you done for me lately?” Hopefully I’ve answered that question here.