Always Be Creating

/ Always Be Creating

This website is in blog format. I chose the format very intentionally. In this format, my newest work is posted at the top, and with very few exceptions, I post all of the work I’m involved in creating.

Am I always proudest of my latest work? Not necessarily. But keeping a running record of what I’ve been doing most recently motivates me to keep making more, and hopefully to keep making things I can be proud of.

I understand this isn’t a conventional approach to presenting work. I don’t curate portfolio-worthy pieces, and perhaps that’s unwise.

Still, I genuinely believe I’m only as good as the last thing I made, and I’m willing to stake my reputation on it. Dig deep into my work timeline and you’ll find a Cannes Grand Prix Winner. You’ll find an Andy or two. You’ll find several Gold Pencils, and Pencils of other flavors as well. But that was yesterday.¬†What matters most to me is what I’m creating today.