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/ truth / Radio

Winner: One Show Gold 2005
Radio Mercury Awards Finalis

Winner: One Show Silver 2005
Radio Mercury Awards $5,000 Winner

truth / The Infect Campaign 2006

/ truth / The Infect Campaign 2006



In 2001, well before Web 2.0 or Social Media – back before “viral” was a marketing buzzword – the truth brand embarked on a campaign we called, “Infect.”

The idea: Tobacco companies have billions of dollars to spread their message, but we’ve got each other. The objective: Give young people information about Big Tobacco and the deadly, addictive products they sell. Then empower those young people to take that information out into the world and spread it.

The “Infect” model became a sort of touchstone for the truth brand – establishing a set of guiding principles to which those of us who worked on truth have held ourselves ever since. At its best, truth is still about young people, out in public places, spreading information about Big Tobacco in simple, creative ways.

In 2006, truth touched the stone once again with a second round of the Infect campaign.

truth / The Crazyworld Campaign

/ truth / The Crazyworld Campaign



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As adults, we understand that the world is not a black and white place, and the delineation between right and wrong is hardly ever that clear. But teens have a much more acute sense of rightness and wrongness – of what they believe to be fair and unfair.

With the Crazyworld campaign, we wanted to leverage that insight and show young people a world in which most businesses are held to one set of rules and standards, while Big Tobacco operates in a parallel universe in which their actions are relatively devoid of consequence. It’s an upside down place, and unfortunately, it’s the world we live in. Welcome to Crazyworld.

truth / The Connect Campaign

/ truth / The Connect Campaign



Throughout their history, tobacco companies have done some outrageous things in the name of expanding and protecting their trade in a deadly, addictive product. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for savvy young people to dismiss it all as part of a Big Business reality that’s far too abstract to elicit any real outrage.

With the Connect truth campaign, our goal was to help bring some of those abstract Tobacco Industry stories to life by demonstrating the relationship between the decisions Big Tobacco makes on a corporate level, and the real-world effects of those decisions. We wanted to encourage young people to look for those relationships in the world around them – to question everything. Because when you take a closer look, it all connects.