Tracksmith / Launching a New Premium Running Brand

/ Tracksmith / Launching a New Premium Running Brand

“Imagine if Brooks Brothers or J. Crew did running apparel,” said Matt Taylor, a former Marketing Director for PUMA.

It was a simple pitch, and I was hooked. The Tracksmith brand, launched by Mr. Taylor and Luke Scheybeler (The Creative Director and co-founder of Rapha), combines classic, understated New England style, and an Ivy-League track & field aesthetic with the very best technical performance fabrics in the world. I’m so proud I could help them take over the running world. Look for more exciting things to come.

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Visit the site here.

Fashion Project

/ Fashion Project

Most people who donate to thrift don’t realize what happens to their items when they do. Often, they’re bundled indiscriminately and shipped overseas for dimes on the pound.

Boston-based startup, Fashion Project saw an opportunity to disrupt this model for the benefit of both donors and charitable organizations. Items donated to Fashion Project are assigned an accurate market value based on designer, brand, wear and other factors. On average, those items can earn about 100X more than they would at thrift stores, and 55% of the net proceeds go directly to the charity of your choice. Any charity of your choice.

They’re also partnering with retailers like Nordstrom to reward donors even more.

I’m so very proud to do work like this for social entrepreneurship. Doing well by doing good.