Driveway / Buy or sell a car from your happy place

/ Driveway / Buy or sell a car from your happy place

Verizon Archive

/ Verizon Archive

Target / Time for a Target Run

/ Target / Time for a Target Run

When people go to Target, it’s often because they’ve accumulated a long list of things they need (and some things they don’t need). This campaign is designed to remind guests that if you want everyday low prices on everyday essentials, make it a Target Run. And Done.

Thanks to my dear friends at 72 and Sunny LA (and my new friends at Target) for inviting me to help bring this work to life.

Giro / Tour de France 2004

/ Giro / Tour de France 2004

Giro makes the very best, most baddest-ass cycling helmets in the world. In 2004, they wanted to run a TV spot during the Tour de France on an extremely tight budget. They’d never run TV before, but apparently one of their sponsored athletes was contending for a fairly significant podium stand in Paris. Tonight (July 9, 2012) Giro posted it on their Facebook page along with a very kind, nostalgic nod. Very proud to be a part of this brand’s history (and proud to be a Giro Atmos wearer, too).

New Balance / “Connect”

/ New Balance / “Connect”

More New Balance work featuring the Minimus 3090

Creative Team:
Sara Goldsmith
Caroline Foss

New Balance / The Return of Minimus Man

/ New Balance / The Return of Minimus Man

Having proven to himself that the barefoot-inspired Minimus from New Balance is indeed, “Like Barefoot, Only Better” our Minimus Man is back once again, and a little wiser for the wear. Now sporting both his left AND right Minimus shoes, his adventures bring him face to face with characters who’ve yet to discover the merits of the somewhat-less-than-barefoot life.

Creative team:
Pete Shamon
Bryan Karr
Steve Pratt

New Balance / One-Minimus Man

/ New Balance / One-Minimus Man

Like Barefoot. Only Better.
On one foot he wears the barefoot-inspired New Balance Minimus. On the other, he wears nothing at all. He’s a living, breathing, trail-running, side-by-side comparison. And his single-shod exploits prove that the Minimus is indeed like barefoot. Only better.

New Balance / Introducing the New 890 with REVlite

/ New Balance / Introducing the New 890 with REVlite


New Balance let there be lightest 560
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The 890 from New Balance is crazy light. In fact, running shoes this light are usually no more than stripped-down racing flats reserved exclusively for skinny little speedsters. But the 890 is different – it’s a neutral cushioned trainer built for runners of all shapes and sizes. The secret? A new midsole compound called “REVlite”. It’s got all the cushioning, all the stability, and nearly 1/4 less weight than comparable foams. So, exactly how much lighter is the 890? We set up a few demonstrations to show you.

Trampas (tall guy) and Pedro (short guy) both work in the New Balance R&D lab in Lawrence, MA. In fact, they pretty much run the joint. Seriously. They’ve got Ph.D’s in Sports Science, they’ve got scads of bleeding-edge equipment at their disposal, and as you can see, they’ve got extremely bright futures in acting. So when we wanted some web content to demonstrate exactly how light the new 890 neutral cushioning trainer with REVlite really is, Trampas and Pedro were happy to lend a hand.

Miller Lite / GHT Television

/ Miller Lite / GHT Television

truth / The Infect Campaign 2006

/ truth / The Infect Campaign 2006



In 2001, well before Web 2.0 or Social Media – back before “viral” was a marketing buzzword – the truth brand embarked on a campaign we called, “Infect.”

The idea: Tobacco companies have billions of dollars to spread their message, but we’ve got each other. The objective: Give young people information about Big Tobacco and the deadly, addictive products they sell. Then empower those young people to take that information out into the world and spread it.

The “Infect” model became a sort of touchstone for the truth brand – establishing a set of guiding principles to which those of us who worked on truth have held ourselves ever since. At its best, truth is still about young people, out in public places, spreading information about Big Tobacco in simple, creative ways.

In 2006, truth touched the stone once again with a second round of the Infect campaign.