Sometimes it’s just a win ad in the local paper.

/ Sometimes it’s just a win ad in the local paper.

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I’m not a baseball fan. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like it or enjoy a game at Fenway, I just don’t follow it. Never have.

I am a huge fan of my home, though – my community. Every year, a baseball team wins the World Series, but it’s not always the story this year’s was.

I wrote this win ad in the Boston Globe on behalf of our friends and partners at New Balance. It’s nothing fancy. Won’t win any awards for it. Still, it feels good to know where the words came from.

New Balance / Excellent is Made in Boston

/ New Balance / Excellent is Made in Boston


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New Balance / Introducing the Velocity 773

/ New Balance / Introducing the Velocity 773

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New Balance / Introducing the New 890 with REVlite

/ New Balance / Introducing the New 890 with REVlite


New Balance let there be lightest 560
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The 890 from New Balance is crazy light. In fact, running shoes this light are usually no more than stripped-down racing flats reserved exclusively for skinny little speedsters. But the 890 is different – it’s a neutral cushioned trainer built for runners of all shapes and sizes. The secret? A new midsole compound called “REVlite”. It’s got all the cushioning, all the stability, and nearly 1/4 less weight than comparable foams. So, exactly how much lighter is the 890? We set up a few demonstrations to show you.

Trampas (tall guy) and Pedro (short guy) both work in the New Balance R&D lab in Lawrence, MA. In fact, they pretty much run the joint. Seriously. They’ve got Ph.D’s in Sports Science, they’ve got scads of bleeding-edge equipment at their disposal, and as you can see, they’ve got extremely bright futures in acting. So when we wanted some web content to demonstrate exactly how light the new 890 neutral cushioning trainer with REVlite really is, Trampas and Pedro were happy to lend a hand.

New Balance / Let’s make excellent happen.

/ New Balance / Let’s make excellent happen.

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New Balance / New Tagline: Let’s make excellent happen.

/ New Balance / New Tagline: Let’s make excellent happen.

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New Balance has been making excellent shoes for more than 100 years. Along the way, that ethic of excellent has come to set the standard for everything else they believe in, too. It’s soaked into their culture and guided every decision they’ve made. Often, that commitment to excellent has come at the expense of short-term gain. Often, the high road they choose also proves to be the most challenging one. But to the people at New Balance, excellent is well worth it.

And to all the people who choose New Balance to make their own excellent happen, that commitment makes perfect sense.


/ Shimano

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Lance is in the details.
Copy: Lance Armstrong is a man who understands there’s power in precision. This is an athlete who measures the height of his seat to the millimeter, his meals to the milligram, and his energy output to the milliwatt. So it’s easy to see why he’d choose to ride Shimano front-shifting technology. Just look at the teeth on one of our large chainrings. If you’ve never examined them up close, you might be surprised by how different each tooth is from all the rest. That’s because, depending on it’s position on the chainring, each tooth plays a unique role in the shifting process. So when we design our chainring, we individually shape each tooth to optimize that role. Fifty-three unique teeth, each specifically designed to work with one another, with our patented shifting pins, with the natural fluctuations of the rider’s power output – fifty-three teeth working together for a common glory. When we started engineering our chainring with this advanced tooth profile, nothing else like it existed. Of course, since then, many have tried to imitate it. But nobody’s come close. Because anyone can copy the shape of a tooth on a chainring – indeed, anyone can copy the shapes of all fifty-three – But unless you understand why – unless you understand how it all works within the system, it will never be anything more than a copy. After all, plenty of other cyclists measure the weight of their meals to the milligram these days. But there’s still only one Lance.

Silk Soymilk / Print

/ Silk Soymilk / Print

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Small copy: Lactose free, high in protein, with a surprisingly good taste. C’mon. Don’t be so stubborn.

Discover your Epsonality / Print + Outdoor

/ Discover your Epsonality / Print + Outdoor




The Proper Breakfast “Trousers”

/ The Proper Breakfast “Trousers”

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