/ Shimano

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You don’t go straight to the top. You have to turn.
Copy: When was the last time you saw a bike race without any turns? Probably never, right? Well, that’s a problem for most wheels. See, most wheels use radial-load bearings. The ball of a radial-load bearing sits sandwiched between the two flat surfaces of the bearing rings, creating two contact points along a single plane. Which is fine. If you only ride in a straight line. At Shimano, we only use angular contact bearings. The rings of an angular contact bearing are designed to cradle the ball. They account for radial loading, but they also support lateral loading as it’s forced back an forth. And that greatly improves wheel performance and strength in real-world riding conditions. Like, for example, when you’re dancing on your pedals through the Pyrénées. Maybe that’s why more 2005 Tour de France stage winners rode our wheels than any others. Angular contact isn’t the newest bearing technology. And it’s not a proprietary technology. But it’s superior. That’s why we use it in all our wheels, from Dura-Ace on down. After all, it’s a long, twisty road to the top. And we want to ride it with you all the way.

truth / The Crazyworld Campaign

/ truth / The Crazyworld Campaign



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As adults, we understand that the world is not a black and white place, and the delineation between right and wrong is hardly ever that clear. But teens have a much more acute sense of rightness and wrongness – of what they believe to be fair and unfair.

With the Crazyworld campaign, we wanted to leverage that insight and show young people a world in which most businesses are held to one set of rules and standards, while Big Tobacco operates in a parallel universe in which their actions are relatively devoid of consequence. It’s an upside down place, and unfortunately, it’s the world we live in. Welcome to Crazyworld.

Volkswagen GTI MK V Launch Campaign / Make Friends With Your Fast

/ Volkswagen GTI MK V Launch Campaign / Make Friends With Your Fast

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The Proper Breakfast “Moustache”

/ The Proper Breakfast “Moustache”

CPBU00018 UK Metro#164B8C0E
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Earthlink / Direct Response TV

/ Earthlink / Direct Response TV


/ GAP /

Recorded user experience.

CHANGE. IT FEELS GOOD. was created in 2005 with the help of our friends at Fuel Industries, as part of a campaign to build conversation around the GAP brand while the company engaged in a market-by-market remodel of its stores.

The site was initially seeded to a handful of local blogs and news sites in the Denver and Hartford areas (the first GAP markets to undergo the remodel). But in the months that followed, visits to exceeded 3 million with more than 1 million unique visitors, and the site was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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GAP_4_250 GAP_5_250

GAP_6_250 GAP_7_250

BK Chicken Fries

/ BK Chicken Fries


This work for BK Chicken Fries was originally created for the introduction of the product in Spain, but when our BURGER KING client here in the US saw the ads, they sent us out to produce these English-speaking versions as well.

Though the ads ran on US television for just a short time, postings on YouTube have received well over a million views collectively (and counting).

I’m very proud of them. And they make my little daughters laugh, too. Even (and perhaps, especially) in Spanish.

BK Chicken Fries / Spain

/ BK Chicken Fries / Spain


How do you introduce a product like BK Chicken Fries to the people of Spain? How do you even explain a product like BK Chicken Fries to Spain? Well, we started by discussing the role of social class distinctions in that country, and how we might relate those distinctions to a chicken and a potato. Seriously.

The integrated product launch included the television spots above, plus radio, out-of-home, and a microsite – ( in the US).

Visit site.

In a market with a traditionally less-than-friendly view of fast food marketing, the campaign was a huge success for BK Spain, and it was extended with additional creative and media the following year.

Besides shortlisting at both the Cannes International Advertising Festival and the London International Awards, the television work won Bronze at the El Sol Awards in Spain. Not bad, considering neither I, nor my creative partner at the time, Anja Duering, speak any Spanish. Special thanks to our friend and former CP+B colleague, Mauricio Alarcon, who speaks it extremely well.

Volkswagen GTI MK V Launch Campaign / Television

/ Volkswagen GTI MK V Launch Campaign / Television

Volkswagen MK V Launch Campaign / Interactive DVD and Brochure

/ Volkswagen MK V Launch Campaign / Interactive DVD and Brochure



The dealership brochure for the new GTI included a 17-minute, interactive DVD that detailed the “science” behind Project Fast, and offered users a chance to explore this latest incarnation of the legendary hot hatch inside and out.