The Skoop 1-for-1 Pivot Project

/ The Skoop 1-for-1 Pivot Project


Skoop is a company that makes powdered, whole-foods-derived phytonutrient blends. They’re truly incredible products and recently, they found away to get incredibler.

Thanks to a partnership with Salad Bars 2 Schools, a non-profit that provides public school lunch programs with fresh fruits and veggies, Skoop is perhaps the first 1-for-1 nutritional company. Each serving of Skoop sold means a serving of free fresh fruits and veggies is donated to a public school system in this country. Each bag sold, means 30 servings donated. At a time when school lunch programs count things like ketchup, pizza sauce, and french fries as a legitimate vegetable serving, this mission is crucial to our nation’s health.

To introduce the new mission, Skoop launched a completely new website that also showcases their unique “crowd selling” model and fundraising functionality. And they created some fun content to spread the word about Skoop products, too.

I’m very happy and proud to have partnered with Human Design, The Lot, and my good friends at Skoop, on this effort. It’s exactly the kind of work I wanted Daughters & Howard to be involved with. Expect amazing things to happen.

Tracksmith / Launching a New Premium Running Brand

/ Tracksmith / Launching a New Premium Running Brand

“Imagine if Brooks Brothers or J. Crew did running apparel,” said Matt Taylor, a former Marketing Director for PUMA.

It was a simple pitch, and I was hooked. The Tracksmith brand, launched by Mr. Taylor and Luke Scheybeler (The Creative Director and co-founder of Rapha), combines classic, understated New England style, and an Ivy-League track & field aesthetic with the very best technical performance fabrics in the world. I’m so proud I could help them take over the running world. Look for more exciting things to come.

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Visit the site here.

Fashion Project

/ Fashion Project

Most people who donate to thrift don’t realize what happens to their items when they do. Often, they’re bundled indiscriminately and shipped overseas for dimes on the pound.

Boston-based startup, Fashion Project saw an opportunity to disrupt this model for the benefit of both donors and charitable organizations. Items donated to Fashion Project are assigned an accurate market value based on designer, brand, wear and other factors. On average, those items can earn about 100X more than they would at thrift stores, and 55% of the net proceeds go directly to the charity of your choice. Any charity of your choice.

They’re also partnering with retailers like Nordstrom to reward donors even more.

I’m so very proud to do work like this for social entrepreneurship. Doing well by doing good.

Connie Cycling Foundation / If You Give A Kid A Bicycle.

/ Connie Cycling Foundation / If You Give A Kid A Bicycle.

The Connie Cycling Foundationis an organization in the Los Angeles area that introduces children from a variety of backgrounds to the sport of cycling, and particularly track cycling. Started and operated by 5-time Olympian, Connie Paraskevin, CCF is all about helping kids find their sport, and realize their full potential, while instilling lessons of discipline, resilience, and hard work they can apply to the rest of their lives as well.

It’s a fantastic organization, and I was proud to help.

My Wife Doesn’t ‘Get How It Is In Advertising.’ (And Maybe Yours Shouldn’t Either.)

/ My Wife Doesn’t ‘Get How It Is In Advertising.’ (And Maybe Yours Shouldn’t Either.)

Adweek Magnolia Cover

I didn’t write this essay to get attention. I wrote it because I wanted to start writing more. Not for clients, but for my own enjoyment. After exploring blog platforms of all sorts, it suddenly occurred to me that the platform wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference without something to post. So I spent a few days writing this true story about cupcakes, love, career goals, and finding happiness.

I posted the original on Medium, and my wife really loved it, so, on a whim, I posted the link on Facebook, where lots of friends liked it and shared it and tweeted it themselves. Adweek tweeted me late that evening and asked if they could run it online, and once they did, it kinda took off.

On Medium, it’s received about 27K views, and was among their top 100 most-read posts for January 2014. On, it received 5.6K re-posts to Facebook, it was tweeted 487 times, and spent a solid week as the most viewed article.

I even got a spot on Huffington Post Live where I got the chance to babble about it some more. If you actually care enough to click through the link below and watch the rest of the interview (If you are my mom, for example), it picks up again at about 16:30 on the HuffPost site.

Sending a #seaoflove to LGBT Russia:

/ Sending a #seaoflove to LGBT Russia:

Front Page

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi approaching, Russian President, Vladimir Putin pushed through a vaguely-stated prohibition of so-called “homosexualist propaganda” under the hateful and prejudiced pretense of protecting the children of his country.

The legislation represented the latest step by the Russian government to codify policies denying human rights to the LGBT community, and it put both athletes and visitors to the Games at risk of imprisonment for any demonstration authorities deemed to be gay “propaganda.” was our response to this hate. We asked people to flood Sochi with messages of love on twitter. Those who tagged tweets #seaoflove could then visit and watch the tide rise against fear and prejudice – a #seaoflove to drown a world of hate.


Using Google Maps API to visualize the tweets, our goal was to transform the Black Sea into a #seaoflove in support of LGBT rights in Russia and everywhere.

By that standard, and by every analytic measure, the effort was a failure. It garnered only 1,856 visits in its two weeks live. Only 1,457 of them unique.

But in so many other ways, it represented an amazing victory. Thanks to the hard work of a very small team of friends from Arnold in Boston, went from initial concept to completion in just under five days. We launched the effort just in time for the Games, on a Saturday night, without a client, a sponsor, or a single media dollar, just loads of heart and the power of our own social networks.

We made phone calls and emails in pursuit of the last-minute support of the Human Rights Campaign with the enthusiastic support of their man Paul Mataras in Boston, but ultimately couldn’t secure it on time.

We direct-messaged Australian snowboarder and outspoken gay Olympian, Belle Brockhoff, and in response, she RT’d us four times – including a pair on Valentine’s Day.

We hustled for every tweet we got, and we got a few. Even a few from within Russia. In the end, while it didn’t catch fire, it never once felt like anything less than a 100% worthwhile expenditure of time and effort.

Today, February 25, 2014 we took down But the struggle for basic human rights continues around the world.

Dave Cliff, Cass Taylor, Alicia Foor, Ebbey Mathew, Pawel Micolajczyk, Liz Kavanaugh, Deb Grant, Wade Devers and Pete Johnson: a #seaoflove to you all.

Skoop B-Strong Packaging. A Copywriting Collab.

/ Skoop B-Strong Packaging. A Copywriting Collab.

Skoop B-Strong small for site copy Cropped
Click to enlarge.

My friend, Alex, helped create and launch this great product called, Skoop. Skoop is a surprisingly tasty superfood powder. Our family has been enjoying the first Skoop formula, “A Game” for several months, so when he was designing the packaging for “B Strong,” Skoop’s new plant protein powder, he was kind enough to ask me for some copy ideas. Truth be told, the stuff he’d already written was killer, but some of my suggestions made the final cut, and it was super fun working together.

Hoping it will lead to more team-ups in the future.

And of course, be sure to check out and give it a try.

Daughters & Howard, LLC. The start of something new.

/ Daughters & Howard, LLC. The start of something new.


What is Daughters & Howard, LLC? I’m not exactly sure yet, to be honest.

Right now, it means I’m actively seeking freelance employment, while carving out time to pursue other passion projects I can bring to life with the help of my talented friends. I’d like to see where destiny leads things.

Meanwhile, I’ve been describing it like this:

Daughters & Howard, LLC is a creative undertaking of wild ambition, foolish optimism, and intentionally vague definition. And it’s all mine. Muahahaha!

Sometimes it’s just a win ad in the local paper.

/ Sometimes it’s just a win ad in the local paper.

SOx ad.jpg copy

I’m not a baseball fan. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like it or enjoy a game at Fenway, I just don’t follow it. Never have.

I am a huge fan of my home, though – my community. Every year, a baseball team wins the World Series, but it’s not always the story this year’s was.

I wrote this win ad in the Boston Globe on behalf of our friends and partners at New Balance. It’s nothing fancy. Won’t win any awards for it. Still, it feels good to know where the words came from.

New Balance / This is Runnovation: November Project

/ New Balance / This is Runnovation: November Project

I’m particularly proud of this project. It documents a local fitness movement that’s caught fire right here in our own back yard. November Project was started by a pair of former Northeastern University rowers, Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric, who simply wanted to motivate one another to get outside and keep moving during the bleak New England winters. In less than a year, it grew from a single-digit handful of participants into 300 to 500 per workout. Three days a week. 6:30 AM. Rain or shine, Hell or high water.

Along the way, they’ve been featured in Runner’s World, Outside Magazine, on NPR, and scores of other media outlets.

Boston, for those who’ve never lived here, is an exceedingly insular place. It keeps you at an arm’s length. “Good fences make good neighbors,” goes the New England proverb. But November Project begins and ends with hugs. Sweaty hugs, no less. It’s about fitness, but it’s about community, warmth, and friendship, more than anything else. Birthdays are celebrated with crowd surfing. Workouts are concluded with group photos. Fierce competition and mutual encouragement are doled out in equal portions. You will laugh. You will dry heave. You will get stronger.

I love our partners at New Balance for getting behind this project and these people.